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Specification of Timbangan Mekanik Atu Manual

Mechanical Scales are scales that do not use a digital system, which only uses a series of iron and springs for weighing only Mechanical Scales CB (CentiDesimal) Basically all the scales are the same functions to weigh but what is needed before buying the scales is the accuracy, power, capacity, size of the flatform of the Scales.There are many types of Weigh denngan different capacities of different size of flatform and precision. suppose we weigh a flour degan weigh different rice the results that we can be started from the accuracy of timbangantersebut.untuk weigh the flour then it is necessary that the scales more acurate (a little accuracy) whereas if we weigh the rice then we can use a more rough scales accuracy, Here examples of mechanical scale mechanical CB scales CBStang brass is merupakn grid heavy readers on the scales and swings anakbang.aturan menguankan children weigh on the swing is as follows: weigh 20 grams read 20kganak weigh 50 grams read 50kganak weigh 1 kg read 100 kganak weigh 2kg read 200 kg on the grid brass handlebar weighs only nyampe 25 kg, meaning max capacity if we no weighing children can only weigh 25kg.s max capacity so that we can weigh the capacity of more than 25 kg then we use weigh we put on the swing. example we use weigh 20 gram then max capacity of our weigh is 20 kg 25 = 45 kg. 45 kg maximum capacity of our scales. then if we use a child weigh 500 grams then the maximum capacity of our scale is 50kg 25kg = 75kg. and so on. for a more complete specification of Scales

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